A Closer Look at the Jordan Brand 'Space Jam' Pack

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1996 cult classic film Space Jam, Jordan Brand have unleashed a bevy of silhouettes, both new and old, to nostalgically pay tribute to one of the most storied sneaker lines in history. Blurring the lines between performance shoe, lifestyle classic and pop cultural phenomenon, many of these models have been laced up on the courts, starred in editorial lookbooks and no doubt part of some of the most extensive sneaker collection memorabilias. While some of the original models have made appearances in the film itself, others are contemporary takes on old-school classics. Take a scroll through the gallery above for a detailed look at the following models; Air Jordan 11 Retro, Air Jordan 9 Retro, Air Jordan 31, Air Jordan 1 Retro High and Air Jordan 1 Retro Ultra High.
Which one is your favorite pair?

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Best Songs of 2016 According to ‘Time’

As we set to wrap up yet another momentous year in entertainment, it’s now time to start compiling the “very best of” lists for 2016. Spanning a diverse range of genres and artists, here is a list of the very best songs of the year according to Time. From Kanye to Chance the Rapper and Mac Miller to Beyonce, check out the videos below to see who made the cut. Who do you have on your list?
10. Kanye West – “Famous” 9.Mac Miller feat. Anderson .Paak – “Dang!” 8. Joyce Manor – “Fake I.D.” 7. Whitney – “No Woman” 6. Big Baby D.R.A.M. feat. Lil Yachty – “Broccoli” 5. Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign – “Work form Home” 4. Chance the Rapper feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz – “No Problem” 3. Dawn Richard – “Not Above That” 2. The 1975 – “The Sound” 1. Beyoncé – “Formation”

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Super remedies hair loss — 3 simple recipe

Homemade mask against hair loss with rosemary and avocado


  • Peeled ½ ripe fruit avocado (skin should easily move away from the pulp),
  • 1 egg yolk,
  • 2-3 teaspoons of burdock oil or castor 1-2 (can use a mixture of burdock and castor oils),
  • 10-12 drops of essential oil of rosemary.

3 домашние маски от выпадения волос

Mash avocado in a delicate homogeneous slurry. Check if the pulp lumps, otherwise the avocado slices will be very difficult to remove from the hair. Mash avocado with egg yolks, essential oil mix with burdock.

Connect both the mixture and massage into the roots of the hair for 30-40 minutes before washing. The remnants of the mask evenly through the hair. Wrap head with plastic or wear a shower cap, insulated.

First rinse with plenty of cool water to prevent the yolk curl in the hair. Then wash the head in its usual way.

Course homemade masks for hair loss: 1-3 times per week for 6-12 weeks.

Avocado in the recipe you can substitute a tablespoon of any vegetable oil.


Homemade mask against hair loss with red pepper and a banana


  • ½ Ripe banana,
  • 1 teaspoon ground sweet red peppers (not hot Chile!),
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil or any other vegetable (castor, burdock…).

3 домашние маски от выпадения волос

Carefully, as well as avocado in the recipe above, mash the banana until smooth. Oil slightly warm in a water bath, mix with red pepper and add the flesh of the banana. All stir again or grind in a coffee grinder.

Apply a ready mask on the hair roots. The entire length it is better not to apply, because pepper can dry the hair. The head wrap and insulate. Rinse after 20-60 minutes with warm water and wash the head in its usual way.

Sweet pepper in this recipe homemade masks for hair loss can be replaced with a small handful of burning or even add this bunch to the sweet. But this is for very extreme beauty fans.

Course homemade masks for hair loss: in 4-7 days within 10-12 weeks.


Homemade mask against hair loss with salt coffee


This mask is not recommended fair-haired, since coffee can stain light hair in unexpected colors. However, blonde can replace coffee with strong tea leaves of green tea mixed with chamomile.

  • ½ Cup (100 ml) strong coffee (preferably espresso, but it is possible and soluble),
  • 1 tablespoon sea food or regular table salt
  • 12-15 drops of essential oil of rosemary,
  • 2 teaspoons of castor or burdock oil.

3 домашние маски от выпадения волос

Mix castor oil with essential and then add salt and all again mix thoroughly so that the oil gets evenly distributed among the salt. Dissolve the resulting mixture in the coffee and massage ready home mask against hair loss the hair roots and scalp for 1-2 hours before washing or 1-2 hours before bedtime.

If you decide to use the mask at night, it is possible to add some calming essential oils: lavender, Clary sage, neroli… In any case, apply the mask on hair, better before sleep, to the stimulating effects of coffee and rosemary has ceased to operate.

Course homemade masks for hair loss: 1-2 times a week for 8-10 weeks.published econet.ru


Also interesting: This oil is the best remedy for beautiful hair

A simple and accessible remedy for beautiful hair


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption – together we change the world! © econet

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Why a woman becomes more beautiful with age

And just now I realized that happiness comes to those who can’T wait. Who does not put conditions and requirements. Who gave the request out to the Universe. And then I just relaxed and lived quietly, in the shower, knowing that all will happen exactly as he asked.

Beauty comes to those who know how to live

And just now I realized that, like happiness, beauty comes to those who know how to live. Just relax and live, not counting the days and wrinkles that they bring. You just need to relax and live. And everything will be beautiful.

Two years ago, the British sociologists conducted a fun quiz. They asked men and women about the components of female beauty. Will be surprised, but 70% of men said the main quality they look for in a woman is confidence. It makes a woman desirable. Your confidence will agree that comes with age. When you forget about inhibitions, cease to press pimples, crying in a bathroom with red eyes. When you accept yourself for who you are. And you are finally comfortable.

Go ahead. 47% of men said that for them it is important in a woman sense of style. It is what they pay attention in the first place. And when we have style? When we realize that this sweater makes us bigger, these pants are absolutely not suitable here, and top to throw on this shawl of delicate colors, it will emphasize our blush? Correctly, the sense of style we get with age. Now you can argue with me, of course. But then quietly, hiding from everyone, look at your old pictures. Well, how? Stilnenko, right? And this funny tank top under that ridiculous skirt – very cute, right? Okay, never mind.

I love their wrinkles around the eyes – they remind me of how much I laughed

We are made more beautiful with age. And this is not surprising. Do not hide your school photos, we will dig. Personally, I can’t look at them without laughing. God, did I do that? What is wrong with me? I was there like a wet puppy. But not exactly current. Let’s analyze further, according to the chronology. At University, I also looked a little strange. Who said that I look cute in this haircut? Yes she did my head like a pan. Now I’m laughing. Because today I’m more confident.

“Age is just a number”, – likes to say my friend, congratulating me on yet another day births. – “Don’t worry. It’s just the numbers.” We both laugh. He – because he really can score. He’s a man, besides a few years younger than me. I – because age is really just numbers. Meaningless figures. Today I can tell you this with confidence.

I love their wrinkles around the eyes. They remind me how many times in my life I laughed. Here are laughing for no reason and the Atlantic ocean. These joy that my work took in Paris. These, from constant laughter with my husband, fun person to be found, I’m so happy that he’s near. Yeah I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! And never try to get rid of them using anti-aging cream. Because they make me beautiful. Because they are my life.

Now I know that beauty each of us blooms individually. And manifests itself at different ages. But invariably after a few moments. And as long as you keep them not pass, you will not be beautiful to the fullest. In any case, always remember – you have yet to come, every year you will be prettier and prettier, what would you say surrounding or your beautician.

1. Beauty comes after the birth of their first child , the Woman begins to Shine from within. It is very difficult to explain, but she knew something strong, unknown, secret, known only to her. The glow makes this irresistible. A woman is usually look at. And if you have not yet given birth, then all you have ahead. You even know it.

2. Beauty comes after a strong disappointment, Surprised? But I’ve been thinking about this. Women who have experienced a serious crisis and recovered from it become profound. After that they are on is not caught with chaff. They are not stupid giggle like Schoolgirls. They cease to be childish, which so often repels men in us. Teen-age look silly, agree. A woman with experience always looks mysterious. It wants to know.

3. Beauty comes when you meet your man , “Oh, Ann, you look so nice! Direct glow”, called after me classmate when I ran out to the man that was madly in love. And he loved me. And that feeling gave me an inner glow. I became more confident. I realized that like the man to whom everyone pays attention. I was very happy. And therefore beautiful. We need men to help us get out of the cocoon. With a loving man we are always made to order beautiful.

4. The beauty comes when we begin to love yourself is to love. Not to indulge, not to Lisp, not to justify, not to be worn with them. Namely, love. It is very difficult. Young girls can not do it in full measure. This skill comes with age. I guess the most important knowledge in a woman’s life. He’s got to learn. Listen to yourself, to highlight your strengths and not to stick out weak. If you’re sad, not to run crying to my friend, and sit at home. If you’re happy with yourself, not to brag on every corner. The power of self-love is very individual. But it is essential for us. Without it we could never be happy.

5. Beauty comes when a woman becomes quiet Look at the pictures of Monica Bellucci. What she’s calm and self-sufficient. It wants to enjoy and admire. Beauty does not like tantrums. Well, we experienced them in adolescence. Well, with age we can finally control my emotions. Calm, level-headed woman always seem advantageous. They always attract attention.

Age is just numbers that mean nothing

Ask me, I’d like to go back to ten years ago? Never in my life! I finally learned how to get along with him. I learned to love myself. And it gave me confidence. I love myself today. With their past that may start to show slightly on my face in form of wrinkles. With their experience, which, perhaps, it is time to paint the hair. Which I in any case do not refuse. Because it gave me the strength to be yourself, to be who I am. To be self-sufficient.

And Yes, after thirty I suddenly offered to turn a trick for a photo project. And now I add these lines and run to the shooting, Yes :) Love yourself, you are beautiful!

Love yourself at every age. Every, but every year stronger and stronger. Be calm and happy. And remember, age is just numbers, which are generally nothing to say.

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Grandma's advice, or the rules of a real woman

1. A real woman realizes how lucky she is to be born a woman.

2. The myth that women age earlier than men, invented by men themselves.

3. The woman ought to care only for sick, old or very close relatives. In all other cases, a man should court a woman.

4. The more the woman of their favorite activities or Hobbies, the less likely she is to engage in other people’s Affairs.

5. The woman should not hurry to be a vest for tears and complaints of unlucky men. Men’s problems should be resolved by men.

6. If a woman wants to look good at a chance meeting, she needs to learn how to look good always even introducing the trash. Will become a habit — becomes destiny.

7. Even if a woman is good with a needle and sew a dress herself in public, she should say that she had a good dressmaker or she dressed in expensive stores.

8. To money a woman should be easy: if she’s in, she should be able to spend it. If not, should not grieve.

9. As if the woman were constrained financially, in her wardrobe still must be: at least one good coat and a decent pair of shoes.

10. A real woman needs with easy negligence to throw a fur coat from the shoulders to the hands of the knight and forget about it until the moment they leave.

11. A woman can afford whims and changing moods — the man is not stuck.

12. He in a hurry to not get rid of any cavalier. The more men surround the woman, the more attractive it is for everyone else. Wait.

13. With a man a woman has the right to do only what she likes. To fulfill someone else’s whims — destiny of men.

14. No matter how a pleasant evening spent with a man, a woman should sleep at home. Never mind that it’s midnight or past midnight. Until the morning came, the evening continues.

15. Tears is a powerful weapon women, but to apply it it is necessary as infrequently as possible. Constantly crying woman is not compassion, and irritation.

16. If a woman doesn’t want to answer a specific question, it is enough smile knowingly. And in many other cases, acts smile disarmingly.

17. A woman can be versatile educated and well read. But without the ability to talk “about everything and nothing,” she did not pass for an interesting conversationalist.

18. The woman stands with the bat to declare all their dignity. The more it will underestimate in the beginning, the more chances you have to win in the end.

19. A woman should know her worth, but you never want to call it.

20. The ability of women beautiful naked — mesmerizing. Ability to dress — charms.

21. Male affection? There is nothing easier! From the outset, teach a man to spend your money and free time.

22. A woman who knows how to love, not to avoid gossip. But that’s exactly the case when it is not necessary to listen to public opinion. Keep your head up! It is better to be Flirty than gossip girl.

23. To maintain the tone of the woman from time to time something in life to change: gloves, work, husbands. If my husband is lucky, often change gloves.

24. While the woman feels a woman, it is never too late to start over.

Source: mirpozitiv.ru

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What happens if you drink green tea every day

You will feel a surge of energy

You know what’s in green tea more caffeine than coffee? This is why steady state energy you provided, which cannot guarantee the same coffee and soda.

You will become more relaxed

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Though it looks like a contradictory statement after the first paragraph, but actually it is. The compound epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), studies show, enhances the feeling of calm and reduces stress.

Your memory will improve

Short term: one or two cups of green tea a day can improve neural connections in the brain that are associated with working memory. Long-term: it will help to slow the mental decline associated with aging, and to prevent dementia.

Green tea soothes inflammation purewow.com

You get rid of extra pounds

A Cup of green tea will give you extra energy (thank you, caffeine!), so you will be able to complete the entire program proposed by the trainer. Plus, it improves metabolism.

You will be less sick


Each Cup contains a fair share of antioxidants, catechins, boosting the immune system. A few drops of lemon in an extra dose of vitamin C and does turn the tea a miracle cure for the common cold.

You will clean the skin

Another great news: green tea protects the skin from free radicals and reduces the force damage from the sun. You can also use it externally. To do this, put a cotton ball in the cooled tea and wipe your face. This will help to reduce the inflammation and remove the Shine.

Watch video Rules of brewing green tea:

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What women like modern men?

Let’s look at the ranking of the women’s merits, which was based on the results of a survey of representatives of the stronger sex!

Some statements from this very impressive list without hesitation take for the dogma!

1. Real Woman are attracted to men’s inner condition

Appearance, intelligence, age, social status, qualities of character — all this, in fact, deeply a second time. The status that attracts men your pleasure with yourself and your life. Enjoy yourself — this is a difficult art, but, having mastered it, the Woman becomes the most powerful magnet.

2. Love for a man starts with self-love

Usually we think the opposite: “When someone will love me, then I will love myself.” But as long as Women do not happen in the novel itself, every man will be for her just a therapist trying to cure her from the rejection of myself and fear of being alone.

A true, deep love arises from a state of fullness of yourself. Then the love of man is born in his highest manifestation — as a gift of self to him, not as a desperate attempt to be needed by someone, to feel their own usefulness.

3. The man loves not the Woman herself and her condition with her

The woman who gives men a special condition of men always be a success and fans. To this particular as a man will last, like a magnet.

A real Woman cultivates her femininity to bestow her men (beloved, fans, friends, acquaintances and passers-by).

So this Woman is not the prettiest, not the smartest and certainly not the most successful socially. A real Woman gives a man not mind, no beauty no body no progress and the state.

4. The desire to love comes from within

It usually has nothing to do with whether worthy of it the objects in the environment of a Real Woman. When a woman thinks that “not to choose” and that around it there are no men worthy of her love, it can say that it is not yet ready to love.

She wants something else. She may be afraid to love. And those “unworthy” men that are around, only reflect her inner state. As soon as the woman Matures to a true deep love, the question of “worthy, not worthy” ceases to be of utmost character.

5. The generosity of the Woman in love attracts the love

If a woman wants to be loved, she should be able to saturate with love everything what touches. To give it, to enjoy it, to show her, to think and talk about it. Love should be breath, not just the breath. If you breathe out love, it will find you naturally.

6. Men are Gods

Any man — God. So. If it does not produce an impression God so you “see through the eyes” of the critical mind. Can God be manifested in him only one percent.

In his life met a Woman, who breathed in him faith in himself. A real Woman sees the men of the Gods. A real Woman does not compete with men and prove their excellence.

She ain’t changing them and not nurture. She sees all that is best in each of them. A real Woman loves, appreciates and respects men in General, as a class. This position creates in her life, a space for interesting and worthy men.

7. To enchant men, the Woman herself would be astounded

If a Woman wants to inspire men — it must itself be in a state of inspiration. If a woman wants to ignite them, she should be a little flame. “Adorableness” of a Woman is her love in Life has its little secrets, romance and mystery. No matter what a Woman fascinated. “Fascination” creates an inner light that is impossible not to feel.

8. Next to This Woman is always a feat

She creates it. Woman excites in a man the desire to prove themselves strong, not imposing duties “you should”, but gently inviting in the tale of “Hero and Princess”.

It creates the illusion of touching helplessness and vulnerability, awakening in man the desire to commit acts, which will be her excitable eyes and admiration for him.

A real Woman prepares a man to act gradually and imperceptibly, nothing for not doing, just being in the way delicate, fragile young ladies.

9. A real Woman is not involved in the feminist women’s clubs

A real Woman will not make generalizations like “All they…”. She knows that all men — different. Each woman creates his Universe, and she is surrounded by those men, whom she attracts in her life.

It will not be to fan the fire Maspalomas war and revel in the imperfection of the universe. Talking with your girlfriends about your man, she will not focus on his faults, to criticize and devalue, exposing his unworthy.

10. A real Woman even unpleasant things can speak correct and friendly

She says their men so that it does not humiliate them, and pushing for change for the better. This is a great female art — to be kind even when it is necessary to tell about the shortcomings and mistakes.

It does not matter what the Woman says and how she says it. She says maintaining a sense of self-esteem and dignity of those to whom it says it.

She knows that even criticism can be submitted so that it inspires to heroism. However, it always leaves a man a choice: to change or not.

Source: pomada.cc

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Modern life is inconceivable without toothpaste. All we care about oral hygiene and regularly brushing your teeth. Toothpaste is in every house, and, as it turned out, it has lots of hidden features!

Use toothpaste:

  • Helps with insect bites and burns

    Toothpaste applied to the bite of the insect, reduces itching and reduces the swelling. Also toothpaste helps with burns and blisters on scuffs, obezzarajivatei and drying with damaged skin.

  • Polishes and whitens nails

    To give the nails a healthy and well-groomed appearance, you can just clean them with a brush coated with toothpaste. Moreover, it is important to treat them not only from above but also carefully go underneath the nails.

  • Restores disks

    If you need to recover information on an old scratched CD, squeeze on a small amount of toothpaste and gently RUB it from the center to the edges with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

  • Polishes the screens of smartphones

    If you don’t have time to get a protective film for the phone screen and scratched screen — no problem! Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the display and wipe it with a soft cloth. Then carefully take away the toothpaste residue with a second clean cloth.

  • Eliminates unwanted odors

    If not soap helps rid the hands from the stubborn odors such as garlic or onions, wash your hands with toothpaste.

  • Prevents fogging

    Before you take a shower or run a bath, apply toothpaste on the mirror, and then erase it. This trick will prevent fogging. In addition, with the help of toothpaste you can decorate mirrors and glass in the house beautiful drawings.

  • Clears the sole of the iron

    To remove plaque from the working surface of the iron, DAB on a thin layer of toothpaste and wipe with a damp towel. The same trick can be turned and irons for hair.

  • Removes stains

    Toothpaste perfectly cleanses tissues from different stains: lipstick, grease, ketchup and even felt tip pen. Squeeze the toothpaste directly on the stain and carefully RUB, then throw things in the washing machine. Just do not use toothpaste with whitening effect for color products!

  • Cleans jewelry

    Add luster to tarnished jewelry is very simple. Clean your jewelry with toothpaste using an old toothbrush with soft bristles, and they will again Shine like new. This method can be made to Shine gold, silver and precious stones.

  • Close up small holes in the walls

    Toothpaste can be used instead of putty, and close up it minor damage in the walls. Just cover the holes with paste, wait for it to dry and apply the irregularities of the fine sandpaper.

Here’s how many useful ways to use toothpaste! Share these tips with your friends, they can also be useful.

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Shepard Fairey Unveils New "Fruits of Our Labor" Mural at Art Basel

Shepard Fairey provides a first look at his recently finished mural titled Fruits of Our Labor. Displayed along the walls of the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, the visuals depict a satirical take on the current state of the agricultural and biotechnology industries, showing a handpicked orange transposed into a grenade. Fairey revealed via his Instagram that this mural is the first of a series that he plans to work on during Art Basel. Complete with his signature OBEY logo, take a look at the finished piece and process through the images above. FRUITS OF OUR LABOR IS COMPLETE! Tomorrow, I'll be taking on my next mural here in #Miami so stay tuned! ????: @jonathanfurlong #ArtBasel2016 #ArtBasel #ArtBaselMiami
A photo posted by Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant) on Dec 1, 2016 at 5:11pm PST

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Apple Addresses Malfunctioning iPhone 6S Batteries

Recently, Apple customers have been issuing complaints that their iPhone 6S devices, upon updating to the iOS 10.1.1 system, have been randomly shutting off when their batteries were 30% charged. On Friday, Apple released an official announcement to give some closure to dissatisfied customers, albeit only on its Chinese language website.
Apparently, malfunctioning iPhones with faulty batteries are bugging out because they were “exposed to controlled ambient air longer [they] should have been before being assembled into battery packs.”
Although Apple has admitted that “a very small number” of iPhone 6S devices manufactured between September and October 2015 are experiencing shutdowns and can qualify for replacements, the tech giant asserts that the random shut offs are actually a feature, not a malfunction: “iPhone is actually designed to shut down automatically under certain conditions, such as extremely cold temperature. To an iPhone user, some of those shutdowns might seem unexpected, but they are designed to protect the device’s electronics from low voltage.”
You can read Apple’s full statement in both Chinese and English here.

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