7 new ways to wear a shirt fashionable this fall without spending a penny

The shirt is the main thing in autumn 2016. Do not have to rush to the shops for new fashion models, just a light upgrade of the shirts you already have in the wardrobe and look at all 150%.

The world’s largest mass-market Zara and the world’s largest retailer Suite Net-a-Porter back in the spring as the team made shirts in a separate trend, a sure sign that and this fall they’ll come in handy. Of office and classic clothing basic wardrobe shirt has grown into one of the main trends: shirt dresses, long shirt-tunics, tops and skirts, reminiscent of a reconstructed shirt striped all of it is so true that we’ll show you how to wear a shirt this season, without spending a penny.



Demna Gvasalia, which debuted at fashion Week in Paris as the new creative Director of Balenciaga, has focused on traditional costumes, Houses and shirts that suggested wearing with a slight grunge and chic aesthetics of the 90s. Long sleeves with straightened from under a jacket or outerwear unbuttoned cuffs, like you just got out of bed in the boyfriend shirt with one hand, duplicate the pajama trend to wear underwear on display, with another return to the fashion of the late 90s and early 2000s, when was the actual specially elongated cuffs with slits and without buttons, covering the thumb.



The manner of wearing the shirt untucked, not only with trousers but also with skirts of different lengths is, in fact, an echo of the layering of the 90s, which is now also in favor. Wear a longline shirt with a boxy fit skirts, trousers, combining with bulky outerwear like jinsuke or a short jacket or suede bomber.



Logical continuation of the previous method is and the way specifically to fill the volume of the shirt on only one side, simulating, thus, a slight negligence.



To wear linen top with thin straps over a white shirt with a simple and cheap way to instantly create a fashionable image, because these two things are certainly there in every wardrobe.


To wear a shirt (white or striped) dress special chic. Here comes as a slip-dress (short, mid-length and Maxi) made of thin flowing fabrics, and all kinds of variations on the theme of dresses sundresses and sleeveless styles 70’s (as a rule, MIDI and bottoms), denim, knitted fabrics, suede, Jersey or tweed.



It looks long shirt with short switchcom, which can also be asymmetric length: at front shorter and back longer.



If last years fashion shirt had to be buttoned by the throat (mandatory necklace :), now in parallel with the first option and the actual collar unbuttoned, like in the 70s and 90s, under which you can wear a choker, necktie platonici narrow long scarf.

Tie a scarf: how to wear where to buy

Flaunting underwear: how to wear dress combination

They changed everything: the 4 best artist of the year

Bomber jacket MA-1

Chokers: how to wear in order not to shorten the neck

The layering of the 90s: how to wear the most affordable trends of the season

All the best at once: the main points of the fashion Week in Paris

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To lose my virginity and foolish: the seven women of revelation

For many first time – like a bad dream that I want to forget. Read below the recollections of seven women.

For the first time – remember it all, but not every one of them he calls the good of the Association.

Pain, shame, embarrassment – all this makes it difficult to relax and get at least some (for the first time is hard), but fun.

Seven women shared stories of their first times and talked about what made silent:

1. “My first time was painful. I seriously thought I would die. The next day I had a class in ballet, and I thought ” I’ll never be able to lift my leg. It was really painful, even more painful than when I ruptured a cyst. I couldn’t understand how people like doing IT. However, as I now understand, my boyfriend was very sensitive.”

2. “It wasn’t as I imagined. It happened in a minute. I was 14, my friend – 16. There was so much blood, and plus I’ve stuck a condom, which we then had to get it.”

3. “My first sexual experience was with my “real” boyfriend. When I was 17 years old, and it was really good. He was just mind-blowing.

I only regret that because of my conservative upbringing, I decided that my first man should be my husband,

and I really married him when I was 18. A week before my 25th anniversary we were divorced.”

4. “A week before we finally did, the police caught us in the middle of my car. But we had to bring everything to the end, so I invited him over. During our first real sex I banged my head on the metal bars of his bed, but it’s nothing compared to what happened next.

Eight days later, standing in the pouring rain, we admitted to each other in love, and that for me was worth much more than sex.”

5. “It was incredibly stupid. I was 13 years old, and I then drank two Beers. After that mom picked me up to take him to a music school, and I threw up in the car”.

6. “It was incredibly boring. Yes, it was painful, and, of course, about orgasm was not considered. Although I found out what an orgasm is, after 25 years.

7. “It was with my first girlfriend. We met the summer after my first year of College. We went to a sex shop and bought a few toys, a joke. Then one day we decided to take advantage of them, and it was wonderful. I realized that missed a lot in my life.”

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7 secrets of female beauty and attractiveness

Every woman from time to time gets the internal battery and there comes a time when it comes to the feeling that you are alone in your thoughts or really miserable. Familiar? Fortunately, there is a solution. You just have to learn to do things that will bring you guaranteed happiness.

How to be happy?

1. Valuable every moment of your lifelearn to let go of your problems, but if it fails to do it very quickly, then so be it, scroll on their reflection day, but not a minute more. When you will be able to fully master the situation, you will feel happiness again live inside of you and you will be happy.

2. Do what you likeas corny As it may sound, but life should be lived so, whatever it is excruciatingly painful for the wasted years. So go to the robot that brings you pleasure, take care of business, which has long been set aside, or try to return to childhood and do something that brings you pleasure then.

3. Stay itselfdo Not try to wear someone else’s mask. No wonder folk wisdom says that to have heroes – bad. Don’t try to become perfect, because for each person this concept has a different color. Be at ease, and it will help you become happy.

4. Look for the positive even in the most difficult situationBecause if it happened then so be it. It is not necessary to focus on this all your attention. You just need to make the most important thing in this, to cross and move on. You need to remember that if something good happened now, then it will happen to you later.

5. Take care of yourself, or rather of self-developmentRead books, listen to music and pull up your English. Well, if you are the guru of English, learn German, etc.

6. Thank your destiny for all“Thank you” to say there is a lot of life. Even when the fate of the villain puts you wonít need to take it as a life lesson, but no more.

7. Do not envy anybody and anyone not offendedThese two feelings don’t have to Rob you of the opportunity to gain the opposite emotions such as joy and understanding of others. To be happy – just.

But in addition to these seven habits that will help you to become happy we also recommend you more often to dream and to smile. Because life is like a photograph turns out better when you smile!

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Dior created the makeup for photos

French fashion house Dior has released a limited collection of makeup called Skyline. About it reported in a press release. The line inspired by the architecture of the Eiffel tower and was created with the participation of the creative Director of makeup, Peter Philips, who dedicated it to the art of sculpture.


“Today, with the advent of social networking and the art of the selfie, women are more concerned with how they look in the pictures. With new means of collection allows every woman to become a professional makeup artist,” commented Phillips.


The collection includes shadows, lipsticks, pencil and cream wax for the eyebrows, and powder pigments that give the skin radiance and a few shades of lipsticks. In addition, the lineup includes a few concealers that are used for color correction of the face. For example, an apricot shade removes dark circles under the eyes, green neutralizes redness and gives the skin a blue glow. The collection already went on sale, prices for cosmetics range from 1820 to 4100 rubles.



French fashion house Christian Dior was founded in 1946 in Paris by fashion designer Christian Dior. With time, the brand began to produce not only women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and perfume, but men’s clothing in Dior Homme, cosmetics, watches and jewelry.

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Medicom Toy Releases a New Joker Figurine

New photos and details for the next Joker figurine have been released by Medicom Toy. This version of The Joker from Suicide Squad sees him fully decked out in his suit, with his favorite weapons and accessories. The figurine will include two interchangeable heads, multiple swappable hands, a pistol, a cane, a rifle and a figure stand. Of course it will also include a straight jacket. Priced at ¥6,264 JPY (approximately $62 USD), the new Joker “Suit” Version MAFEX Figure is scheduled to release next year in June. Get a look at the details above.

Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast.com

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10 qualities of really good men

But the good of the stronger sex is rife. The main thing – to notice them and to distinguish from the crowd.

And if you wonder what these men good?

Apparently, the answer to this question is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. Especially not a secret: everything in this world is relative.

We attempted to summarize the 10 key qualities of a good man…

1. True

Given the fact that men are by nature polygamous, loyalty, in number of interest to us here are the qualities we put on the first place. We can say that the lack of loyalty in fact negates all the other advantages of satellite life: first, from a moral point of view; secondly, in the sense that any “perfect” moment these advantages can leave you forever, along with the “body” in someone else’s life… Men want to say: if you have something not very satisfied your woman have a conscience and the guts to tell her directly so she can change things either start rowing in the other direction.

2. Honest

This quality is also important and, incidentally, directly related to the concept of loyalty (see section 1). In this case, refers to honesty in relation not only to you but to other people. If a man is worth nothing to hang noodles on the ears of his friends or especially his mother, he’s hardly worthy of your full trust, because one can deceive you.

3. Solvent

A good man is not one who has a lot of money, but one who manages your finances efficiently. If a person is not able to handle money, even a great fortune, he let the wind, and your family will be forced to languish or will you accept the burden of earning their daily bread for themselves.

4. Generous

It concerns not only and not so much money, how much mental energy, warmth, willingness to give without expectation of getting something in return. Such men are worthy of reciprocity.

5. With a sense of humor

Sense of humor is a white sail, which facilitates the journey is not always a tranquil sea of life. A witty man is able to discern and defeat comical even in everyday things, providing the mood and inspiring others, including you, the much needed optimism. Humor creates a thin, but strong enough aura to protect the relationship from adversity.

6. Adequate

Next to a good man you never feel uncomfortable, you have no tension and suspense. He is balanced, calm, his behaviors conform to social norms and is quite predictable. He’s never going to yell and scream, will not speak evil and to condemn. If being with a man in the company, you fear that he will say something wrong or embarrass someone from the audience, it most likely are not unfounded, and your companion is far from perfect.

7. Family oriented

A good man, even if he is from a dysfunctional kind of family values and cherishes it. He respects his parents and does everything for the family, which creates. By the way, as a rule, the ratio of men to his mother is almost absolute “litmus test” for future relations to you. It is also interesting that the average divorced 30-40 year old male is more likely to be a respectable family man, rather than the representative of the stronger sex, which this age has always been a bachelor.

8. Purposeful

A good man has ambitious goals and at least trying to achieve them, improving themselves and their business.

9. Hardworking

Not enough to set goals – you need to do hard work and diligence in achieving them. In addition, not to shun any work, including housework.

10. Indifferent to alcohol

This paragraph concludes our list of qualities of good men but for many women, especially those who already had the “luck” to get in touch with the consequences of abuse of alcohol, attitudes towards alcohol is the main or one of the main characteristics of a worthy life partner. In fact, no matter how good or “Golden” nor was the man, if he loves the booze you will always be sitting on a powder keg: there is a risk that you will be close to alcoholic. It is known that there are two types of people: some nice alcohol excites, the other – on the contrary, plunges into a state of gloom. Good man almost always belongs to the second category.

Finally, note: GOOD man looking for GOOD woman!

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7 myths that hinder people to achieve success

What other people more of a chance and data more skills and aspirations. Meanwhile, in most cases, these beliefs are incorrect and only hinder to achieve the desired. Before you 7 myths that it’s time to stop believing if you want to succeed:

Scary to quit that job, which isSince childhood, we were told that the best “bird in the hand than a crane in the sky”. Our parents and grandparents could work your whole life on one job. Any change is not encouraged because it was believed that the person who threw something that already exists, you may not get anything elsewhere, even more promising.

You feel confident because you have a regular income, albeit not as big as I would like. But you have to understand that confidence is essentially an internal condition, not external. And trying to please others and not disappoint them, you deliberately deny themselves to become happy.

To change something harder than working on what isHow much time you spend daily, working hard to achieve your dream? But on the hated job you spend a minimum of 40 hours each week. Imagine that every week you spend 40 hours on your dream… do you think you will succeed?

If the dream is real, and devote enough time, you will definitely succeed. And as a professional, you will feel a person that is also very important. A person who has been able to achieve something on their own.

You most likely will not workthe Chances of success don’t seem high enough? Many people collapsed on the way to his dream? And how many hours these people spend on your dream? Or days? Or years?

Of course to realize his dream few weeks can be difficult. It needs a long time of hard work. Let this be a way of your life.

You will begin tomorrowIn our lives too much tomorrow, which does not occur never. If you start today, you probably won’t start again. If you don’t start today, why you decided that tomorrow something will change? Most likely tomorrow there will be more reason to defer my dream for a long time. The older we get, the harder it is to start something. So if you really want something, start doing it today.

Stability is importantthe older you get, the more your life those things you are afraid of losing. Therefore do not tighten with a dream, 20 or 30 years is much easier to drop everything and do what you love, than at a later age. Over the years, the stability will become more and more expensive for you and you will be very difficult to abandon it.

Career ladder – the path to my dream“People can spend a lifetime climbing the ladder of success so that when they finally reach the top and see that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.” Climbing the career ladder, you likely reach the ceiling, where too few jobs and too many candidates. Surprisingly, however, most successful people did not rise up the career ladder. Of course it’s not easy, but if you’re confident in themselves, confident in their abilities and will spend enough time on your dream, you will be able to achieve it.

People will think bad of you, You have to remember that to think badly about someone is human. And you don’t have something to do. Look strange in the eyes of other people in all circumstances, no matter whether you go to your dream at this point or work on their normal jobs. Think about what you deliberately give up their dreams just because of someone’s bad thought. Someone already forgotten that he had such thoughts, and you will not have time to dream.

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How much coffee a day will not harm

There are many theories on this. We decided to give a few facts that will clarify this issue.

1. Most people can without risk to health in the day to consume up to 450 mg of caffeine. One Cup of tea contains 50 mg of caffeine, while a Cup of brewed coffee – 100 mg. up to as Much caffeine is in a mug of instant coffee.

2. For pregnant women the rate of caffeine per day up to 200 mg.

3. If your daily amount of caffeine within these numbers, then you are absolutely not threatened by the increased risk of cancer, diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. So feel free to enjoy flavored coffee!

4. There is a theory that caffeine contributes to any pain and upset stomach. Perhaps, but only in case of intolerance of caffeine a specific person. Try to eliminate coffee from your diet for a while (one week), and look lost if the symptoms (headache and upset). If not, continue to drink coffee and look for the cause in another.

5. But in combination with alcohol caffeine can be dangerous. Coffee only enhances the toxicity of the body.

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The use of zinc for the female body

So the use of zinc for women’s health and beauty – priceless. To ensure that everything was in balance, you need to obtain it in sufficient quantity.

Zinc: the value for the female body

Zinc plays a crucial protective and stabilizing role in the body, especially in women. This element promotes the formation of phagocytes, which actively fight off viruses and germs in the body. In the Use of zinc for women’s health and beauty is that he is responsible for the condition of the hair, skin, and changeability of mood.

Zinc deficiency: signs offatigue,irritability, sadness,depressed mood,weight loss, dry skin.hair loss, rashes on the skin.

All of these listed conditions can testify about the lack of zinc in the body. Therefore, women need to follow in order to get the maximum that earns zinc along with healthy food. The same goes for children and men.

What should be the daily intake of zinc?

For children receiving zinc along with food should be daily. If the child is under 3 years its rate of zinc is 3 mg;4 to 8 years – 5 mg;9 to 13 years – 8 mg. adolescence, the girls enough to 9-10 mg of zinc, young men – little more than – for 11 mg of zinc Norm for women to 12 mg, to 15 mg. For pregnant and lactating women, the figure is 15 mg.

What foods contain zinc?

More zinc can be found in cereals, nuts, legumes, as well as in oysters. Not less than zinc is present in onions, potatoes, buckwheat and poultry. Slightly less zinc is found in soybeans, asparagus, radish and bread.

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The bitter truth about sugar and its impact on health

Over the past few years we have witnessed the hunt for the fat that was supposed to be my fault that we gain weight, and also directly affects life expectancy. Then about the fat a little bit rusty and started celiac fever. Now the center of attention of sugar, according to womenzone.org.

Fortunately, science is making progress in understanding how really works our body, and the world health organization promotes the dissemination of knowledge.


In the past year, who made a very bold move, urging people to limit sugar consumption to the rate not exceeding 5% of the total number of calories per day. This is a very sharp decline, since, for example, according to the Department of sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA, the average American gets sugar about 16% of calories. For a more visual representation contained in the products of sugar they are planning to change product labels to display the real amount of sugar added during the manufacturing process.

The situation with sugar is compounded by the fact that corporations engaged in the manufacture of food and beverages, deliberately dezinformiruet consumers through various advertising campaigns, as well as trying to hide or downplay real risks to health.


Initially blame was considered more profitable to manufacture a substitute for regular sugar in soda and other products — syrup, high fructose. Due to differences in the chemical composition of the absorption in case it is faster. However, a more accurate and prolonged study, the results of which are available now show that the threat of any sugar, even sugar cane.

At first, sugar was considered one of the causes of obesity, diabetes and additional risk factor for cancer. Now sugar is considered an independent risk factor that can cause a number of cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases, including liver cirrhosis and dementia.

A 15-year study published this spring in the Journal of the American Heart Association Internal Medicine, showed that people receiving sugar more than a quarter of the calories a day have twice the risk of dying from one of the concomitant diseases than those whose intake of sugar accounts for less than 10% of total calories. Sex, age, level of physical activity and body mass index are irrelevant. Excessive consumption of sugar is killing all the same.

Excess sugar makes us not only fat, but sick. Sugar also affects your mental health, causing an increased risk of depression.


Even more alarming is the growing evidence of dependence on sugar. It’s one thing when you just stop to use the harmful product and does not experience discomfort. But if it involves addiction, it becomes really uncomfortable.

Because human experiments are not encouraged to reveal the nature of sugar had rats. Its consumption is really addictive, stimulating the brain area responsible for pleasure. Interestingly, the sugar in the experiments influenced these centers stronger than cocaine.

Nancy Appleton, doctor of psychology and author of the book Suicide By Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction, calls a key problem is that although our mind says “I don’t want it,” our body says “I need it”. And the producers, in turn, do not hurry to warn how a wide range of products containing sugar.

According to the Harvard school of public health, more than 70% of Americans daily consume more than 22 teaspoons of sugar. Sounds impossible, but it is necessary to count sugar in all foods inattentive to the food man eats in a day (including the not seem to be very sweet yoghurt, sweet and sour sauce to the dining garnish, a couple of cookies and candies on the snack and a glass of sweet tea) as everything falls into place.

If you adhere to the specified in the beginning of the article the who recommendations of “not more than 5% of the calories of sugar a day,” then such a person will have to be within six teaspoons (at a rate of 2 000 kcal per day).


The most cunning sugary product drinks, including soda. We are not even talking about those huge two-liter bottles, which are sold in supermarkets and are lured by a lower price in relation to volume, or those huge glasses of Cola, which can now be enjoyed at fast food restaurants.

The manufacturer is trying to create in our minds the idea that if you drink “sports”, then it is necessarily useful, or at least not harmful. So there were all sorts of fitness bottle with fluids that kind of have to drink before or during training. However, do not rush to buy this miracle, because there’s the same sugar and salt (just no gas).

Fabio Coman, Professor at the University of San Diego and representative of the national Academy of sports medicine USA, does not consider the consumption of sugar before training:

If you are going to the gym and your workout is 60 minutes or less, you do not need extra sugar and these fitness drinks. All you have while training is water. Your nutrition will give you rest.The exception may be athletes, whose training lasts at least 90 minutes and very intense.


This, of course, talking about the sugar substitutes. Despite the fact that they seem to be the salvation for those who can not live without soda, but doesn’t want to get fat, diet coke and such things can be harmful in the long run. More recent studies on this topic show that diet soda also contributes to the development of obesity, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Sweeteners fool our receptors, causing the brain to think that we got a real sugar, although this has not happened. The result makes for a very unstable metabolism.

Another very important point about the selection of products, — the ability to recognize a part of the sugar. Even if the advertising and packaging I assure you that it is absolutely healthy and wholesome product, the reality may be completely opposite. Look at the carb. If a lot of them, you are actually going to consume extra calories without any nutritional benefit for the body.

Every time when it comes to nutrition, the topic inevitably fall food Corporation.

Companies will need a lot of time before they create something from which the person experiences the same pleasure as sugar. They know that sugar is addictive and people will come back for more.

Unfortunately, the enormous advertising budgets allow them to create any illusion in the eyes of consumers. These companies profitable to produce food, working like a drug.

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