A new way to prevent diabetes

And to please your sweet tooth always want. For this it is necessary to prevention of diabetes. It is recommended in the diet add nuts.

To be an integral convenient for you: almonds and pistachios. It is proved that these nuts prevent the development of NIDDM (type II). Especially you should use the recommendation that people predisposed to diabetes. This conclusion was made by scientists at Spain’s University of Rovira and Virgili.

The experiment was carried out, the subjects consumed each day of pistachios for four months. As a result, analyses of their blood showed that pistachios have a beneficial effect on the receptors of the cells sensitive to insulin. The nut also affects the concentration of insulin and glucose in the blood. In subjects prone to obesity, over 4 months has not increased a single pound, in the same way of life that without the nut. Therefore, pistachios actively influence the metabolism, which in turn helps to digest food, and not to postpone fat cells in reserve.

It was also found that when getting in the diet 43 g almonds, the study participants had lower postprandial glucose levels. In addition, participants felt satiety. As the nuts are stored in a trace minerals that give the body energy. If you want to eat sweet always, you only need to include in the meal plan nuts.

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HBX 2016 Fall/Winter "Japanese Mythology" Editorial

Known for cultivating some of the most traditional examples of craftsmanship in fashion, we’ve gathered the latest artisanal Japanese brands to arrive at HBX in this editorial, titled “Japanese Mythology.”
For its 2016 Fall/Winter collection, BLUE BLUE JAPAN injects its designs with traditional Japanese influences in a nod to its heritage. The brand’s latest releases are the perfect mix of timeless garments in natural fibers treated with handmade indigo dye wash processes, paying homage to Japanese denim craftsmanship and the Vaquero cowboy culture of Latin America. Denim enthusiasts, take notice.
Not to be outdone, MT.RAINIER DESIGN also seeks to blend vintage American mountaineering equipment with Japanese-derived silhouettes. Originally a heritage outdoor company, MT.RAINIER DESIGN was defunct until it was licensed and revived by a Japanese company. The brand’s concept is to develop high quality outdoor products in enduring classic styles with carefully selected materials. Inspired by ’60s-era outdoor gear, the brand uses an exclusively American-made 60/40 cotton/polyester blend as the starting point for its functional outerwear garments.
Look no further if you’re looking for functional outerwear with classic designs. For the 2016 Fall/Winter season, HBX has selected pieces from MT.RAINIER DESIGN including an army jacket, fishtail coat, knitted sweater and mountaineering pants.
Shop the new releases from BLUE BLUE JAPAN and MT.RAINIER DESIGN now on HBX.

Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast.com

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5 exercises for a home that will create a miracle

The most progressive coaches in one voice insists that motivation in the sport — the Grand hoax of recent years. Set yourself up to finally break the vicious circle of bad habits and to go to sports was quite small feat. As it turned out, much more important than motivation is discipline. It was she who, day after day, week after week lifts us from the couch or office chair and pushing into the arms of the machines, barbells and dumbbells. And no fine tuning sentiments will not interfere with iron discipline. Skip the training in this case becomes simply impossible, especially to do it without good reason. And even more disciplined athlete does not need a subscription to an expensive gym where all just do that stick out your ego. For high-quality training you need only your body and these five exercises that the proper approach is able to perform a miracle.

  • Push-UPS with a T-shaped lift arms

    Level of difficulty: 3/5.
    Develop: chest muscles, shoulder, triceps, abs.
    Equipment: will power. This is not the easiest for the beginner exercise. Primarily because for its correct execution requires not only the basic physical training, but also good coordination of the body. Now, you take the emphasis lying, as for the classical push-UPS. Hands shoulder width apart. Press and returning to the starting position, expand the torso to the left while raising the left arm. Hold this position for two seconds, then repeat the same for the right hand.
    Repetitions: three sets, of eight push-UPS each.

  • Squats with weights

    Level of difficulty: 2/5.
    Develop: muscles of the pelvis and lower back, hips, shoulders.
    Equipment: dumbbells and legs. Almost standard squats, where your body is forced to push not only its own weight. These squats will be able to perform even entry-level athletes, the main thing — do not overdo it with the weights. Started: feet shoulder width apart, dumbbells in the start position. Lower yourself until your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Returning to the standing position, simultaneously raise the dumbbells up to full straightening of hands. Do not bend the lower back and ensure that your heels do not lift off the floor. Repetitions: three sets, ten reps each.

  • Divorce dumbbells in hand while standing

    Level of difficulty: 4/5.
    Develop: the back of the Delta muscles-rotators of the shoulder and trapeze.
    Equipment: dumbbells and concentration.

    This exercise is particularly important concentration. No need to be distracted by soap operas and third-party thoughts: keep the focus on working the muscle. Start from a low stand, back bend at the waist so that the body remains parallel to the floor. The back is absolutely straight. Hands with dumbbells bent at the elbows at 45 degrees. Breed them in hand, the shoulders at the peak of the amplitude is on one line, elbows pointing up.
    Reruns: a standard, three ten.

  • Russian twist

    Level of difficulty: 4/5.
    Develop: oblique abdominal muscles.
    Equipment: pride of the nation and dedication.

    Oblique abdominal muscles to work out is difficult, especially for a beginner. However, it is hard to learn, but on the beach — cool. Sit on the floor, don’t be afraid. Feet off the floor. Your arms should be straight in front of you, palms together. Tighten the press (in this position, he should remain during the whole approach). Start turns left and right, take your time. Every movement is smooth, confident, no fuss.
    Repetitions: three sets, twenty reps.

  • Strap

    Level of difficulty: 2/5.
    Develop: the muscles of the shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.
    Equipment: resistance, gender.

    One of the most underrated exercises — probably because it looks too simple. In fact, to perform the correct technique and by the time the bar is quite difficult. Varieties of trims are many, from elementary, when you take the emphasis lying on the four points to serious — when lifting the opposite arm and leg you leave the body with just two points. Important to remember that throughout the exercise the body needs to maintain maximum level position. Do not attempt to shift weight from snoge on foot, and even more so — not vegimite back. Suffer. Will be counted.

    Repetitions: three sets, each in two minutes.

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Identified 5 signs of a good lover

Users of the social platform Reddit called the main traits and behavior of their best sexual partners.

Mirror experts analyzed all of the comments under this discussion and identified five characteristics of a good lover, mentioned by most respondents.

Musical abilities. Reddit users associate musical talent with talent in bed. In particular, commentators have noted that good lovers are people playing string and brass instruments as well as dancers.

Smile and optimism. What would be a ridiculous case did not happen, a good lover always perceives the situation with humor, smiles, and does not spoil mood neither, nor others.

The ability to listen. Caring, sincere and listen to the words and experiences of the partner of people and careful in their sexual relationships.

Kind, caring attitude towards animals. If a person carefully stroking a cat, and she purrs and cuddles in response, is a considerate and gentle partner.

The way you kiss. As a rule, the nature of the kiss shows how much people in bed. If your partner kissing passionately and firmly, the same way it behaves in intimate relationships. If clumsily and uncertainly, the same thing wait in bed. If gently and sensitively, in the same careful and attentive he would be and during sex.

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Fall trends: what men will walk this season

It’s time to clean the closet their short shorts and white t-shirts — cold come into its own and it’s time to think about what you will walk into this season. Most likely in your cupboard already got some jackets that you wear, do not we offer you some fashion trends that will help to diversify your look this winter.

  • Fishbone and cage

    Collection autumn/winter 2016 vying to offer their own versions of the classic combination of black and white cells. Classic tweed and plaid in this season is still running the show — they have Raf Simons, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Etro, Gucci and Brioni. Plaid coat in muted monochrome colors is a great way to liven up a strict dress code. It is not necessary to buy a new coat — will fit perfectly a vintage option with a pattern-herringbone.

  • Bombers

    Bomber jacket is a favorite of designers in recent seasons. We are not surprised — this classic silhouette looks uncompromisingly masculine and endlessly versatile in combinations. Today the bombers sew not only from aircraft nylon — you can find options made of suede, leather or even tweed. To wear a bomber jacket with anything — or directly on top of the three-piece suit or with your favorite sneakers and training pants.

  • Jackets and parkas

    Classic the Arctic jacket from feathers continue to be relevant — largely because they really can warm even on the coldest of days. In this season is to buy the jacket in a bigger size and experiment with layers and textures — knitted sweaters and denim jackets are welcome here, as well as other manifestations of fantasy.

  • Military jackets

    Military-style remains an important part of men’s fashion for many years — this season, without much change, but we can see the return of design thinking to the pomp cut collars and boldly landing on the shoulders. Straps, copper and gold buttons and even epaulets — if you are willing to wear it on this fall, it will be on the cutting edge of fashion.

  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants

    If you cherish tender feelings toward a classic sporting costumes from Fila or Sergio Tacchini, now is the time to get them out of the closet and dust it off. This season tracksuits are worn together with jackets and boldly break into components, wearing a sweatshirt with black pants and training pants with a tweed blazer.

  • Coarse hair

    Advantages of wool at low temperatures appreciated since ancient times — today, fur remains a remarkable material. Rough coat of thick felt, thick marLED knit and tweed — this season, this set can serve as a good service.

  • Copper shades

    The usual winter palette of black, blue, grey and green this season is diluted by all shades of copper. This color in the fall of 2016 claims the title of the next “new black” and fits perfectly with any color set.

  • Wide flannel trousers

    Pants boxy style of the 1950s this season become a thing, no less important than the top coat or jacket. Wear them now you can with Jogging sneakers or leather shoes in any case, your silhouette with these pants will be different unusual lines.

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Dog fashion designer Marc Jacobs have released a book

Bull Terrier American designer Marc Jacobs has released his first book. The release of an illustrated edition was held on September 27.

248-page book published by Rizzoli. It includes 200 photos, including photo shoots — and pictures from instagram Neville Jacobs. On page bull Terrier signed by almost 200 thousand users.

Photo published by Neville Jacobs (@nevillejacobs)

Bull Terrier travels frequently with its owner and communicates with the models, including Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss. The dog also appeared on the covers of Architectural Digest and Paper Magazine.

Photo published by Neville Jacobs (@nevillejacobs)

Photo published by Neville Jacobs (@nevillejacobs)

As admitted by the designer, the pet makes him smile and laugh, he is able to calm him like nothing else and no one else. According to Jacobs, bull Terrier fills his soul with the greatest joy and happiness.

Photo published by Neville Jacobs (@nevillejacobs)

By the way, Neville’s not the only pet of celebrities having their own page in social networks. A separate photoblog is, for example, and have a pet cat of designer Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette. In an interview with The New York Magazine, Lagerfeld said his cat in 2014 has earned three million euros. Huge fees animal got for shooting in advertising campaigns for the Opel Corsa and Shu Uemura cosmetics.

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The 10 most horrible things in men's fashion

Unfortunately, the busy life of a modern man rarely gives you the opportunity to stop and look at the current trends — hence the abundance of normal guys dressed very awkwardly. Every season fashion designers revive styles that we didn’t exactly forget, but was hoping they would never return to life. Nevertheless, I hope that these findings style will gradually be forgotten forever.

  • T-shirts with slogans

    You really have something to say to the world? If this is indeed the case, then the t-shirt was perfect for this. But note that to read the inscription on it will be all women, children and the elderly. So do not buy on vacation t-shirt that says “MILF LOVER” and then to walk in it to the pension Fund. A good alternative there are the usual monotonous t-shirts or shirts with patterns.

  • Tracksuit outside the gym

    The usual accessories to this way — a gold signet and a cross on his chest. A greater crime against style is the combination of sports and classical garments in all variants.

  • Pants 3/4

    These pants make others think about what you escaped from the hospital or some other strange place where you can wear these pants without the fear to offend the sensibilities of the public.

  • Deep V-neck

    Today, to afford a deep V-neck t-shirt in that case, if you are a resident of the resort town and foraged beauties seducing visitors. In other cases it is better to forget about this strange phenomenon of men’s fashion and never remember.

  • Shoes with square toes

    Let’s be honest — these shoes can wear only the Metalworkers with years of experience or entertainers for Halloween. In other cases, those boots are unacceptable even if they seem quite personal.

  • Disco-collar

    Unbuttoned to the navel shirt might seem sexual only in the crazy seventies, when the whole world has gone crazy. Today disco collar trying to bring back to life many designers, but it turns out they are not too good.

  • Sports t-shirt

    T-shirt with the logo of your favorite team is a wonderful thing, which in any case can not be put somewhere in addition to match this team. In other cases it is necessary to remove it in the closet, well, or at least to give the nephew-teenager.

  • Lowered pants

    No matter how much you love hip hop, these pants are disgusting anyway.

  • Crocs

    In the hot summer to walk in the crocs around the pool — a pleasure. But only if you enjoy catching on themselves mocking the views of others.

  • Glasses-blinds

    -Do you see anything? At least the mirror? Apparently, definitely not. It is clear that very many accessories require from its owner the small sacrifices of comfort, but take away vision? It’s too much.

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Everything you did not know about the benefits of black rice

It was collected in the mountains of Tibet, and about the useful properties of this cereal was legendary. Today to find a product on store shelves is much easier, but for most of us it remains exotic. Edition 4mama will tell you why you should include black rice in your diet.

Useful properties of black rice Known that black rice contains a lot of protein, fiber, and 18 valuable amino acids. A grain of black rice boasts a high concentration of vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, zinc and potassium. And due to the content of oryzanol in the product this kind of rice is recommended to use the cores.

It is proven that black rice lowers blood cholesterol, relieves symptoms of menopause in women and also helps the brain to cope with the increased mental load. Properties of black rice and interested scientists. As a result of the research showed that the number of contained antioxidants, anthocyanins, black rice can compete with such useful products, such as blueberries, red grapes, red onions and strawberries. The use of this rice strengthens the circulatory system and prevents changes in the structure of human DNA. By incorporating this grain into your diet can improve your hair, nails, improve eyesight, deal with anemia and also to help your body gain strength. Culinary characteristics of black rice Black rice has a slight nutty flavor and distinctive feature of the product is the aroma of popcorn. Today this kind of cereals grown in Thailand, Bali and China. There are two kinds of black rice: Thai and Tibetan (Nanjing). The first is the basis of the diet of Thais. And it is most often served with boiled vegetables and rice sauce. As for the Tibetan black rice, it has a slightly grassy taste, so it best complements salads and sushi. Tibetan cooking rice takes about 30 minutes. The grains never stick together, and the water after boiling becomes a beautiful beet color.

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5 best models of men's shoes for fall

In the autumn we traditionally pay shoes attention – it should be not only stylish but as comfortable as possible. We offer you a selection of five fashionable and comfortable models, which can not do without this season.

  • Classic oxfords

    Classic oxfords – the standard of the footwear business style and a real must-have in the wardrobe of the modern man. Concise design low heel and closed lacing ensure a flawless appearance for any event that requires formal dress code.

  • Double monkey

    Another versatile model of Shoe with no lacing: the day she will perfectly complement an office suit, and in the evening will be the perfect pair to sport a jacket, if you decide to go to a meeting with friends. This season contrasting edge color “blue electric” will enliven the formality of the image and adds originality.

  • Sneakers genuine leather

    With the onset of cold weather sneakers genuine leather the rubber sole the most relevant due to its functionality. Fashion semi-sports model, covering the ankle, will provide even greater comfort and protection from the elements and the black color will allow to combine it with different clothing options.

  • High boots

    Models with a high shaft and lace-up for several seasons at the peak of popularity, largely due to its indisputable advantages in the struggle with cold. This fall, the brutality of army elements in the form of a thickened soles and lace softened by the more restrained design in a combination of smooth and shiny skin.

  • Chelsea boots

    Probably perfect for fall when in the morning I want to stay longer in bed – the lack of laces will save you valuable time in training camp to work. The black version is perfect for a classic suit and casual ” style – with skinny jeans and a turtleneck.

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The mistakes of parenting that shouldn't be allowed

Being a parent is not as easy as it may seem. Raising a child takes time and over the years you can prevent many errors. But among them there are those which may have too serious a negative impact on the child. Before you — the errors of education, which should not be allowed.

  • To overfeed the baby sweet

    Among other pleasures that we give to our children, an endless feeding treats can become causes of health problems even in very tiny age. Obesity among children today is very common and complaints of wide bone are often excuses too spineless parents.

  • Allow to smoke

    Teenagers can be parents to the fact that they started Smoking. Fatal mistake of the parents in this case is a tacit agreement with the rebellious child.

  • Not having discipline

    Sleep and discipline — things that later your child will thank you. To encourage a child’s desire to be lazy or play at the expense of need — the right way to raise a person who will not be afraid of serious problems.

  • To frighten the child

    Often parents resort to the practice of intimidation of the child on various occasions — it can be humorous the threat of the boogeyman or to reach a real beating. The result is a potential psychopath, whose children’s fears will not fail to resurface in adulthood in the form of aggression and other troubles.

  • To force children to grow up

    A surefire way to warp a young person — take on early responsibility. Faces at this moment of education can be very many, but they all boil down to one thing — do not hurry up to teach life lessons to children, life is able to do it myself.

  • Not to teach to brush teeth

    Important health habit, fixed by constant repetition, to serve the child when they become an adult and start to experience the first problems with the teeth.

  • Uncontrolled Internet access

    Uncontrolled Internet access can cause a variety of effects from accidental access to materials for adults, to development of dependence on social networks. To deal with this difficult even for adults, what can we say about children who absorb new content at the speed of light.

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